Passive Networking



DWDM and CWDM rack-mounted or modular solutions available in a variety of options.

A Collection of DWDM and CDWM Solutions

We offer a collection of DWDM and CDWM rack-mounted or modular solutions that are available in a variety of options. Our solutions make the most of existing fiber by carrying multiple signals down an individual fiber connection. Mux, Demux, Add/Drop Muxes are available in many wavelength or channel configurations.

Long-distance high-speed data rates

DWDM modules and chassis support up to 40 (C21-C61) wavelength channels through a single fiber over long distances at high-speed data rates.

Flexible and ideal for common fiber networks

CWDM modules and chassis support up to 16 wavelength channels through a single fiber and are flexible enough to be deployed on common fiber networks where distance is limited, such as telecom access networks or school campuses.


ISO and TL9000 Quality with a Lifetime Warranty

We are proud to offer industry-leading products that meet ISO and TL9000 standards and are backed by a lifetime warranty.


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