Data Centers


Scale With Ease

Meet increasing infrastructure capacity requirements and deliver optimal performance.

Larger Amounts of Data at Higher Speeds

As the demand for data network infrastructure capacity grows rapidly, data centers are challenged to meet the needs of always-on users streaming, accessing, and sharing data. To be and remain competitive, your infrastructure must be able to handle large amounts of data transfer at high speeds.

One Supplier for Peak Network Performance

We offer a comprehensive range of products that support the largest data centers in the world. Our solutions include optical transceivers in various form factors, DACs, and AOCs, all fully compliant with industry standards and backed by a lifetime warranty.

Fully Customizable Components

We’re able to match any OEM's specifications and offer the option for full customization of cable length upon request, giving data centers the flexibility to configure their infrastructure to meet their specific requirements.

Support You Can Rely On

Our technical support team operates at the highest level of efficiency, ensuring that data centers can handle the ever-increasing volume of data transfer while maintaining optimal performance. Working with us provides you with peace of mind that our reliable and cutting-edge equipment will meet the demands of your users, and that we’re ready to take your call if you need a hand.

Get the T1Nexus Advantage

Data centre customers enjoy guaranteed product assurance, competitive pricing, lifetime warranties, and peace of mind in our ability to deliver on time, every time.

Access to an extensive product portfolio

Deep technical expertise for optimal results & always-available technical support for quick resolutions

Ongoing reliability testing

Custom products and rapid prototyping capabilities

A flexible fulfillment model to support your business

Deep joint venture relationships with manufacturing partners in Taiwan and across Asia for guaranteed product assurance


ISO and TL9000 Quality with a Lifetime Warranty

We are proud to offer industry-leading products that meet ISO and TL9000 standards and are backed by a lifetime warranty.