Robust and Reliable Healthcare Network Solutions

Access a comprehensive range of cost-effective solutions specifically tailored to the healthcare sector.

Budgets, Technology Advancements, and Patient Care

Healthcare is rapidly evolving, challenging healthcare organizations to rethink the way they use technology. But for many healthcare organizations, there’s a large void to be filled. They don’t have the networking infrastructure, capacity, and in many cases, large budgets, to support patient care needs in the most crucial moments.

Easing Into the Future of Healthcare

Integrating advanced medical technologies requires robust and reliable data connectivity solutions. Our comprehensive range of cost-effective solutions is specifically tailored to the healthcare sector, relieving the burden of compromising on quality due to cost.

Our offerings include transceivers, direct attach cables (DACs), and active optical cables (AOCs) that provide a high-speed and reliable network infrastructure essential for the instant and efficient transfer of medical information. You’re assured access to the right solution for every need, allowing you to focus on delivering the best in patient care.

Get the T1Nexus Advantage

Healthcare customers enjoy guaranteed product assurance, competitive pricing, lifetime warranties, and peace of mind in our ability to deliver on time, every time.


Access to an extensive product portfolio

Deep technical expertise for optimal results & always-available technical support for quick resolutions


Ongoing reliability testing


Custom products and rapid prototyping capabilities


A flexible fulfillment model to support your business

Deep joint venture relationships with manufacturing partners in Taiwan and across Asia for guaranteed product assurance


ISO and TL9000 Quality with a Lifetime Warranty

We are proud to offer industry-leading products that meet ISO and TL9000 standards and are backed by a lifetime warranty.